Master My Math

You don’t hate math….

…You hate not understanding math.


Hi, I’m Josiah

I am a mechanical engineering student in Calculus II level mathematics with straight A’s through all college level math courses. If you’re intimidated by math, I get it. I had my own math struggles in high school. The truth is you can do more than you think.

After high school I chose to stop being intimidated by math, and to consider any math struggle a challenge in need of conquering. I’d like to share that approach with you. I have experience tutoring peers in college and tutoring students professionally.

Services & Pricing

During our first tutoring session, we will review homework, past grades (if the student wishes) and future goals. I ask for material ahead of time to plan and be prepared for individual students. This allows me to answer your questions, and help you get ahead!

I will tutor any level of Middle School or High School math through Pre-Calculus. I have specific experience tutoring Geometry, Algebra, and Pre-Calculus.


  • Private Math Tutoring - $25/hr


Meeting Times & Locations

Tutoring can be scheduled from 8am to 6pm on Sundays at Starbucks in Murphy, TX.

Starbucks is located at 102 FM 544, Murphy, TX 75094.



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